DEO360 (Data-Ethernet-Online 360) is a software development and consulting company. It has a wealth of experience in software design and development and provides technological solutions for individuals, Small and Large Businesses alike. 

Our goal is to use technology to bring efficiency and productivity to people and businesses. We provide world-class technology solutions to small, mid-size, and enterprise companies. We work directly with our clients to accelerate their business. We believe in putting our best to surpass our client’s objectives. We achieve this by building good connections and relationships with our clients. 

We create an enabling environment to relate very well and understand their objectives from their own perspective. This put us at an advantage over other business solution providers.

Our Background:

DEO360 (Data-Ethernet-Online 360) was founded in 2015 by a young web developer, systems administrator, database administrator & software developer. Initially, the company was focused on providing custom software & web development services to small-scale businesses. In 2017 Deo360 expanded its reach and started providing software & web development, infrastructure management, digital marketing, and other services to foreign markets and SMEs globally.

Deo360 is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. Close distance to the main city allows us to have all the advantages – easy access to businesses, international airports, and conference events while maintaining competitive rates and avoiding the pressures of a big city. One major university situated in Lagos allows us to find highly skilled specialists among developers.

<Mission Statement>

It’s our mission at deo360 to provide the best in class when it comes to WEB DESIGN & DEV and to use technology to add efficiency and productivity to people and business 

<Mission Statement/>

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