Website Developments, Revamp & Management

Good website designs can take you far in the digital and online media world, sales of goods and services should not be limited to your offline offices or stores alone. Businesses are easily managed with the help of a website of great standard. When people search for your business they should be able to find it online and get the contact information they need or better still being making their own transactions with you. Online reviews and back linking to your website could take your business to a greater height that you never knew was possible.



 Software Development

Our software and mobile applications developer would take their time in fulfilling your dreams as they bring all your imaginations into life. Knowing what the world is in need off and designing a framework to provide value added services to the world may just be your next idea.



Database Administration & Design 

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that organisation don’t have to worry about the complexity of managing their database. Our certified DBAs would work with you in providing the expertise needed to manage MySQL, Tally and Microsoft SQL Server while also optimising their performances.  Our experts would work with your dedicated hardwares with the help of architectural designs, monitoring and troubleshooting issues to ensure a smooth running of your data.





If you love cartoons and imaginative illustrations then you’re just one step from instilling this into the presentation of your businesses whether in logo reveal or elements for presentations and digital marketing, we can handle all this with our team of animators and voice over artists.

Graphics & Logo Design

For many, the business logo is the next thing after the business name. How you want your business to be perceived from afar is dependant on the appeal it makes to the eyes on the first impression it would make. A client should be curious as to what you offer and your logo should leave an unfrgatable imprint in their memory where they should not forget. W e can handle the graphics design of your logos, complimentary cards design, flyers, souvenirs, invitation cards, teeshirts and so much more.

E-Commerce Solutions

A website dedicated to selling goods and services needs to have qualities that would bring the feel of doing business at your offline location to your website, it needs to have the following and more;

• E-commerce add-ons powering its sales and productivity

• Accounting add-ons powering the backend sales and recordings

• A reporting add-on to record all sales, bookings, returns and so much more to give you deeper insights into how well your business is performing

• A carting system for purchase finalisation and reminders

• A customer care chat and compliant system.

•So much more tools to boost sales, manage product availability and general reporting.



Get started with a well networked work stations for your employees to ease the stress of communication and data transfer from one soft point to the other. We all know how important sharing information is at the workplace and the inflow/outflow of data could make job objectives readily achievable.



Advertising & Monetisation

The power of the digital world is the ability to produce real life results. These are results that accountable and yielding in nature. Your didital materials and generated contents could be monetised through our platforms.

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